Note: This is an old post. The pinyin tone tool is now here, and I’ve since written a Firefox pinyin plugin that will give you the same functionality all over the web.

My apologies to those of you who saw my page broken today. I’ve been working on a javascript tool to add tone marks to pinyin. As many of you have seen, I frequently include tone marks on the pinyin words that I post. Up until now, I’ve been using the tool at It has been useful, but it requires communication with the server every time you submit words to be encoded. It’s a bit slow for my tastes.

So, I’ve written my own pinyin tone tool. The conversion is done entirely in javascript, so it’s very fast. I hope some of you find it useful. The reason my site was broken is that I tried to put the tool in one of my posts. First off, let me say I’m pretty new to blogging, and that I’m not really a programmer. I guess blogger doesn’t let you add javascript to your posts. After trying to put my tool in a post, I tried to put it into my template. THAT’S what broke my page all day. I spent an hour or so trying to figure out how to just upload a normal web page to my blogger account, but couldn’t figure it out. Does anyone here know if blogger will let you just upload an HTML file (which you can link to from your blog)? There are some things, like this tool that should just be their own page, separate from your posting archives. There are a LOT of things which need javascript.

In the end, since I couldn’t figure out how to do it, I just made another “blog” to host my javascript tool. It’s I then made one empty post, since it’s required and proceeded to delete my whole template. Next, I took my pinyin tool and copied the whole thing into my template. As a result, I have a blog where no posts are displayed, no comments are accepted, and no archives are shown. It’s a pretty messed up way to get a page with javascript up on blogger, huh?