The most amazing part is that the restaurant advertises the fact that it’s dog meat. C’mon, check out foodtube’s live journal. You know you’re curious.

Everyone knows how English people are sentimental about dogs. Given the choice to either contribute to a charity for the homeless or to one for homeless dogs, a significant majority of the public opted for the latter. The idea of eating them seems to actually offend people who never think twice about eating other meat. During the 2002 world cup people actually went over to Seoul to protest about it.
I don’t see anyone protesting about the eating of bacon, though pigs seem to be in every way more intelligent than dogs. Besides that I’ve never been attacked, threatened or snapped at by a pig.
So when I met up with my ex-girlfriend last week and she mentioned a place that served dog meat I insisted that she take me there so I could try it. The restaurant was tiny and down a series of backstreets.

foodtube: Good Doggy

Dog Meat HotpotDog Meat Hotpotfrom foodtube