Tonight, I’ve been GeoTagging my Zooomr pics. If you haven’t heard about Zooomr yet, it’s like Flickr after eating the power-up mushroom and the fire-power flower. It lets you associate pictures with people, instead of just making tags for each person’s name (as I do on, it allows audio narrations to be linked with photos, it’s got the sweetest interface of any site I’ve used, except maybe Google Finance, and it’s got these really, really neat GeoTags.

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Snow5A Warm Snowy DayHosted on Zooomr

Take a look at my picture, above. Click on it to go to the Zooomr page for it; on the right of the page will be a GeoTag box. If you select “Satellite”, and zoom (or should I say zooom) in all the way, you can actually see the bush that’s behind me in the picture on the satellite map. Not only that, but I can even search for other pictures that are geographically near mine. Is that cool or what?

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GeoTags are Cool!GeoTags are Cool!Hosted on Zooomr

Sigh… now if only they had enough server hardware to handle their sudden popularity.