I love Zooomr. As I’ve said before, I think their interface is far ahead of Flickr’s, despite Flickr’s recent attempts to duplicate various features. My absolute favorite feature of Zooomr’s is geotagging, which lets you tag one of your photos with a geographical location. Instead of just adding the name of a city to a photo’s tags as Flickr users must, Zooomr will let you get much more specific. Take this photo for example; it’s geotagged to my back yard. Curious users can then view everybody’s photos taken nearby. It’s actually not a bad way for a traveller to get an idea of what a neighborhood is like before going.

Here’s a brief tutorial on how to geotag photos if your camera doesn’t have GPS. First, if you don’t have an account yet, go to Zooomr and sign-up. Then login and click on the tab at the top labelled “lightmap”.

howtogeotag1howtogeotag1Hosted on Zooomr

After that, a map of the world will pop-up. After you find the location where your photo was taken, zooooooooooom in! I usually switch my view to “satellite”, too.

howtogeotag2howtogeotag2Hosted on Zooomr

After zooming in, click on the exact spot where your photo was taken. A bubble will pop-up, asking you which photo you want to geotag with this location. The easiest way to select a photo is to type the name of one of the words you’ve already tagged the photo with. In this example, I’ll type “holiday”, which will bring up a list of all the photos I’ve categorized as holiday photos. After the list of photos appears below, clicking on one will retrieve the photo’s number and put it in the pop-up box. After that, hit enter and the photo is geotagged!

howtogeotag3howtogeotag3Hosted on Zooomr

If the photo you want to geotag doesn’t have any words tagged to it, you can also just type in the number of the photo directly. This number will be the same number that appears at the end of the photo’s URL. For example, if I type in the number 39180, it will select the photo I was originally looking at back in the first picture of this tutorial. Obviously, since that was a picture of the moon, it would be a very poor candidate for geotagging.

howtogeotag4howtogeotag4Hosted on Zooomr