Yesterday, PR and I went down to Xindian to meet up with Poagao (AKA TC). I showed PR my highlighted and marked up newspaper I’ve been studying from. It’s a technique integrated with flashcards that I got from the How to Learn Any Language document on Scribd. It was a surprisingly quick ride, maybe only 20 minutes to get to the end of the subway line.

After getting to Xindian, we met up with Poagao, rode a boat across the river and went hiking through the countryside. It was amazingly peaceful and clean for someplace so close to an MRT station. There were big dogs kicking their heels through knee-high grass, little kids running around, and wide open fields on all sides. It was really relaxing, and I can sort of see why Poagao’s been raving about how great Xindian is. There was even a decent pizza place called Rendezvous, that we hit on the way back. Better still, Poagao lent me a sci-fi book I’ve been meaning to read for a while- Red Mars.

There’s no doubt about it. Xindian is so much more livable than the Linkou/Guishan area that I used to live in that there’s no comparison. It’s right on the main subway line, too. I’m still happy living in the heart of the city, though. Truth be told, I think I’d enjoy a bigger city.

Update: TC has written up the same day’s events far more eloquently than I did in this post.