CSS from Michael's blogBefore, whenever I wanted to test a new layout, I edited page and reloaded it. That’s slow. Then, I found a great Firefox (Mozilla) plug-in, called editcss. After installing it, all you have to to is right click on any web page you are viewing. Then, right below “view page source”, and “view page info”, there will be a new option, “Edit CSS”. When you click on it, the CSS of the site you are currently viewing will be loaded up into a sidebar on the left. You can edit the CSS, and as you do so, the layout of the site you are viewing will change.

Instead of actually changing any files on your server, you can just edit all of your blog’s CSS from your browser. You can see all of the changes immediately, and you don’t have to worry about breaking anything on the server and annyoing visitors. Best of all, once the site looks just like you want it to, you can save the edited CSS into a file and copy it over on to your server. You can also use this as a tool to see exactly what CSS layouts other sites use. I love this tool!

The screenshot above is from Michael Turton’s blog.