Last night, while I was doing some Chinese reading online, I came across some pretty good comics. The down side of comics is that it’s all in picture format, so you can’t use Dr. Eye to translate it. So, I guess they aren’t that useful for beginning students. But, for an low-intermediate student like me, they’re great! Thanks to the simpler vocabulary in children’s comics, and the rich context provided by the pictures I can read them without cracking open the dictionary. That makes them nearly ideal for extensive reading use, maybe even better than the 國語日報 (Mandarin Daily for Kids). For example, consider this one I read yesterday.

Before I read it, I didn’t have any idea how to say “termite” in Chinese. But from the context of the comic, it’s very clear that that’s what “白蟻” means. Someone who didn’t know what “正義感” meant could probably figure that out from the context as well. Also, at least for me, I’m sure I’ll remember “白蟻” a lot longer from this limited exposure than I would have if I’d encountered the same word in a vocab list. Now if I could just put all time I put into blogging in English into reading Chinese comics… Anyway, here are some sites with free comics: