As you can see from my browser share statistics from sitemeter, 37% of my readers are still using IE. Unfortunately, over the last week my page hasn’t looked to good from IE. There have been some sidebar and font issues every now and then seeing as I edit primarily with standards-compliant tools. I’m not going to say sorry to those users who have had problems viewing my site with IE. No, I’m going to go farther. I pity the fools who are still saddled with that ugly, bug-ridden, insecure, penetrable as swiss-cheese security, CRASHES on some valid JPGs, worthless excuse for a browser.

I pity you for not being able to browse with tabs without installing more insecure software to mod your browser. I pity you for the fact that your browser is integrated with, and thus can transmit viruses to your whole system. I pity you for having a browser that can crash your media player and above all else, I pity you for having a browser that doesn’t display my page as well as it should.

Don’t think that those funky pages linked here have messed up sidebars that don’t start until below the whole post because of some CSS mistake on my part. The CSS that generated those pages was checked and validated. The pages displayed correctly not only in Mozilla/Firefox, but also in Opera, Safari, Konquerer, and even my friend’s cell phone. The IE6 sidebar issue has been a blight on web publishing for years. Some people have even gone so far as to put their whole layouts into tables in order to be sure that IE would do the right thing with them.

Do you know how I fixed the problem? I used this for my sidebar margins:
margin: 0px -10 10px 545px;
Notice that the left margin is “-10”. Not “-10px”, but an utterly rediculous “-10”. Due to the widths of various portions of my page and other layout constraints, changing that margin from “0” to “-10” had absolutely no effect on how my page displays in Firefox, or Opera. But for some mysterious reason, it makes IE play nicely with my sidebar. The sad thing is that someday my page may render incorrectly in a standards compliant browser just because I bastardised the CSS for the sake of oh so loathsome IE. The thought makes me feel tainted.