In my second coding job, I was as a web programmer at a start-up broadband ISP in 1999. Admittedly, it was a pretty messed up company. Still it’s pretty depressing to be this inept at using wordpress. I spent 3 hours messing around trying to get my new site’s colors to match the old’s. It was maddening. It was as if wordpress simply ignores CSS. I’d change the background-color of some or another block in my styles.css file, and reload my blog to see that NOTHING had changed. I then hunted around in vain, looking through all the other files which I thought might be over-riding my settings: the page template, the main template, and the post template. It turns out that the background colors set in the style sheet of the default wordpress theme, are all over-ridden by background graphics. In what file were all of them placed, you might ask? The header.php file, of course. That’s exactly where you put background images to be loaded across a whole page IF YOU’RE TRYING TO “WEED OUT” THE “WEAK” USERS!

I’ve been sick since Sunday, and haven’t had much to do except work on migrating my blog. Still, I’m not too happy having wasted my moments of relative clarity between fitful half-fevered naps figuring out somebody else’s non-intuitive page layout system.