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20 30 40 is the story of three women living in Táibĕi, a 20 year old (李心潔), a 30 year old (劉若英), and a 40 year old (張艾嘉). Aside from starring as the 40 year old, 張艾嘉 also wrote and directed the movie.

Each of the three women’s stories remain separate, but all three focus on their personal relationships. The 20 year old is a bright-eyed dreamer, who just arrived in the big city, The 30 year old woman is a stewardess who would give anything to settle down, and the 40 year old woman, in the process of recovering from betrayal and divorce, is a florist, sports enthusiast and enthusiastic bar-hopper. The movie was touching in a couple of moments towards the end, but I never found myself that caught up with it. Maybe that’s because I couldn’t relate that well with any of the characters. It would be good to get a woman’s review of this movie up here, too.


As far as the Chinese in the movie, it wasn’t too hard, but it wasn’t as easy as 向左走向右走 (Turn Left Turn Right). I had to read the subtitles to understand a few parts of it. My guess is that any student who’s made it through the level 5 classes at Shida (師大) and had any (Chinese) social life at all would be able to understand just about everything said in the movie.

Rating: 2/5