Cross posted from Toshuo Diet
After a late night of walking all over this wonderful city, beer can in hand and replacing my drink at a convenience store each time it ran out, I couldn’t stay asleep this morning. So, I got up at 9AM. Considering that I’m a self-avowed night owl, getting up at 9AM is pretty amazing. I bought a Mr. Brown Coffee, and a liter of water and hit the gym!

I decided to do a 50 minute run. Since I did a 75 minute run two runs ago, I thought it would be a good idea to set the speed at 8.0 and take it easy. After 20 minutes, though, it seemed too easy. So, I upped the speed to 8.1. Still wanting more, I upped it to 8.2 at the 30 minute mark. Then I upped it to 8.3 at the 40 minute mark. After 50 minutes, I didn’t want to stop, so I extended my run for 5 minutes. It felt great!

After that, since I had the time, I spent about 25 minutes stretching and doing relaxing breathing exercises. I stepped out of the gym I already had that sharp, clear-headed feeling of life that comes only with exertion and then it hit me. Zhōngxiào Dōnglù is beautiful at 10:30 on Saturday morning. While still a major street, the traffic is muted. Parents and their children are walking to and from parks. And right now, in the clove between seasons, when the painfully muggy Taiwanese summer has already past and the drizzly rainy winter has yet to come, it’s a joy to see. The sun is reflecting brightly off of each building, the sky is clear, and there’s a pleasant breeze. It’s almost enough to make one give up on being a night owl. Almost.