While I was at Dean’s place chatting about my upcoming move, I got a call out of the blue. It was my old buddy Warren, and he was in Taiwan! He couldn’t have picked a worse week to visit, but hey. When an old buddy of more than a decade shows up from halfway around the world, you’ve gotta at least meet him for dinner- and that’s exactly what I did.

We agreed to meet up at that Harbin restaurant I love so much, and catch up. When he showed up at the MRT, he had another friend with him, Karen. A bio-chem major back at UCBoulder, and a chronic 4.0 GPA student, she was the last college friend I ever expected to see in Taiwan. I could have imagined her being at CERN, or maybe some bio-tech research facility in Brazil, but never here in Taiwan. She’s teaching science classes at TAS, just the school where Martin almost decided to work as a sub. What a coincidence!

I can’t say that Warren or Karen were as impressed with the restaurant as I am. Warren was stymied by their lack of a restroom and his westernized attitudes that held him back from going next door, and I had to run out to get Karen some water at a convenience store, since they don’t serve any at the restaurant. Still, it was a good meal, and we got some pictures with the chef that will go up on my Zooomr account as soon as Warren emails them to me.

After dinner, I took them back to my place and showed it to them. We chatted about old times, and about life here as well. Warren, who is a fluent Taiwanese speaker, heard my first faltering attempts at using some of that language, and then saw my current book I’m using for studying Mandarin. He denies it, but I could swear his Mandarin’s gotten a bit better since he took that tech job that sent him out to Singapore. I do envy that kind of job set-up a bit, but at least he didn’t have the chance to kick my ass at Magic the Gathering again, like last time.

Both of them are taking off to go traveling soon. Warren will go to Thailand, and Karen to India (I think). Even though it is a busy week, it was nice to see them. Irene and Thomas, on the other hand, didn’t even contact me when they came to Taiwan… the punks.