I didn’t go on any trips today. I didn’t do anything special. Nothing exciting happened at work. In short, it was an ordinary day that would be easy to forget. But somehow, it was wonderful. I woke up around 11AM to my alarm clock playing a song I like. After grabbing a bite to eat, I headed into work. My students gave me about 70 books last class, but it wasn’t a problem. I’d already graded them all on Friday night, after work. With half an hour before class, all I needed to do was print up their ranking sheets and visualize how my lesson would go. I chatted a bit with Dan, and then I went into class, relaxed and unhurried.

My students had to ask and answer the questions from a big homework assignment. Usually, it’s a bit stressful, but they did pretty well today. Only a couple will have to re-answer them next class. After class, I gave a placement test to a kid who honestly shouldn’t even have bothered to try (as he can speak almost no English), and a retest to several students who failed their last big homework tests.

By the time I finished up at work, there were still few hours of daylight… perfect for a bike ride! I biked into Linkou, ate at KFC, and studied Chinese there for an hour or so. It was dark by the time I biked back, but it was still a great ride. Not a single stray dog chased me!

Next, I headed off to Taoyuan to hang out with Nathan. He’s one of the best friends I’ve made in a long time, and he won’t be in Taiwan that much longer. We hit a 豆漿 restaurant, watched an old Dan Akroyd movie, and then enjoyed some of William Shatner’s finest “singing”. On the way home, my cab driver screwed up, and missed the highway exit to Taoyuan. He had to go through a toll gate before he could turn around, and then go through it again to come back. That cost him 80 bucks. Upon getting to my place, the meter read over $600台幣. I tried to pay him $400, but he absolutely refused and only took $350. In the same situation, other drivers might have tried to charge me for messing up, but this guy was a stud compared to the last taxi I took from Taoyuan. I really should have accidentally “lost” a $50 piece in the car on my way out…

Nothing special happened today, and maybe that’s the best part. If ordinary days can be so much fun, I guess I’m living the right kind of life.