I saw this on Michael’s website, today. For those readers convinced that “there is no prejudice against white-people”, maybe this will open your eyes a bit. One reader of my blog argued vociferously that me being kicked out of my appartment a couple of years ago (along with all the other white, but not the Asian-American/Canadian tennants) had nothing to do with racism. How about overt violence?

Recently, a man was dragged out of a club and beaten by three others with a baseball bat. The reason? He was a white guy dancing in a club. That’s it. Here is an account from one of the people involved:

Then he began to tell me that shortly after we’d danced, some men told him that he had to go i.e. leave the club. Some men took him outside and before he knew it there were three men beating him up with a baseball bat and baton. They hit him in the face, on his back, stomach, legs and knees.

More from Michael:

Anti-foreigner prejudices run deep here, and sexual jealousies are just the ticket to bring them to the surface. Lots of foreigners out with their Taiwanese wives and girlfriends have bumped up against this problem. As Feli notes in her original description:

So the five of us ended up going to a local dance club, located behind the Sogo and Mitusoki Department Stores in downtown Kaohsiung. I haven’t been there in about six months because I’d heard about a number of incidents involving Caucasian foreigners being beat up or hit over the head with a beer bottle for simply talking to, or dancing with a local Taiwanese woman.

While the police picked up the victim, so far the attackers have been unpunished. To make it worse, the Apple daily misreported the events, again. I don’t know if it’s because blogging is bringing more of these events to light or if there’s a genuine increase in these kinds of crimes, but I’m hearing more and more about them and meeting more and more people who have been involved in them.