Tonight, I stumbled across another podcast for learning Chinese. It’s doesn’t have that much content up and it’s not worth a whole review, but it does some things pretty well. The blog is in English, so it’s easy to tell what kind of podcast you’ll be getting, but once the pod starts, it’s almost completely Chinese. The podcasts are all recorded by a Chinese woman who’s accent sounds pretty clear to me. Other than the odd foreign student or two she interviews on occasion, there aren’t any weird accents, either. I think it’s pretty good for intermediate students like myself, but there is one huge problem. All the pods don’t seem to be organized by level of difficulty. In other words, if your Chinese isn’t good enough to understand some of the pods, you’ll have to hunt around quite a bit to find the easy ones.

April’s Learning Mandarin Podcast

Note: She’s with the Mandarin Second Language Learning Center