Last night, I went back to the same restaurant again with Martin, Shawn, Peter, Zhanqiang, and the two Aussie girls. I finally remember their names, too- Winnie and Queenie. We had more great food, more beer, more laughs with the boss, and more good times. After that, we decided to go to a dance club. Shawn knew this place called Babyface, so we piled into a couple of cabs, Zhanqiang negotiated the price, and we were off!

We showed up at about 2:05 in the morning, but the place still looked really lively. Outside the main entrance, there were some intimidating security guards dressed in hard-hats who didn’t want to let us in. They said the place closed at two. I called bullshit, and started asking about all the music playing, all the people inside and whether if they just had something against foreigners. The guy responded that he was worried that we’d cause problems because other tourists had in the past. I found Zhanqiang, went back and we talked them some more I agreed to take responsibility for relaying any of their requests back to the others, none of whom could speak Chinese. Eventually, they let us in, and there was no cover!

The club was inside a huge building, and it was several floors up. There were also some convenience stores and KTV rooms on the same floor. Once we got inside the club itself, it was awesome! The place was packed, people were having a good time, there was a raised dancing area as well as a pit, and the music wasn’t bad at all! It was about 200RBM for 12 beers. Soon, all of my companions were tanked, and we all had a great time until the club really did close, just after 4:00.