I’ve finally made up my mind. I’m going to start blogging in Chinese. I’ve been hesitant for a few reasons. Primarily, my Chinese isn’t that great. This blog already generates three or four pieces of genuine, curse-ridden hate mail a month, primarily from ESL educators offended by my ideas about teaching, but also a few from Chinese and Chinese-Americans offended by my view of Taiwan.

By blogging in Chinese, I’ll give both groups that much more ammunition with which to attack me. Truth be told, I will make plenty of mistakes. I make more grammar and word usage mistakes in Chinese than some of my more advanced students do in English. Unlike, CFL blogger extraordinaire Alaric, I don’t have anybody I can ask to check it for me at the moment, either.

So, why am I doing it? Well, with all the time I spend on work and pleasure reading, I really haven’t put much effort into my Chinese. I honestly don’t think it’s improved at all in the last year. My vocabulary is a bit bigger, but my pronunciation and grammar are worse. If I just do, say, 1/5 of my blogging, or even 1/10 of my blogging in Chinese, I’m sure it have a good influence on my Chinese skills. In the end, why give a damn about what all these random strangers think of me? I’d rather actually have good Chinese than just seem like I do. The way I see it, each time someone tells me I got it all wrong is a learning opportunity. If Daniel’s not afraid, then neither am I!

I would like a bit of advice, though. Should I leave posts of both languages in the same blog, like Darin? Or maybe make a completely separate blog for the Chinese?