Tonight, I went to the only non-creepy bar in town and learned a fun drinking game with dice. It’s called 吹牛, and it’s basically a Chinese version of Bullshit. Here’s how it works:

You and your opponent each have a cup with six dice in it. You shake the dice. Then whoever lost last time starts. You say a number of dice of a certain number, but you don’t let your opponent see what you have. For example, you could say “three twos”. Then your opponent could counter with a bigger number, i.e., “three fours”, or a larger set, i.e., “four twos”. The size of a set matters more than the how high the numbers on the dice are. In other words, four twos beats three sixes. At any time, a player can call “bullshit”. Then both players have to show what they have. If the combined number of dice of whatever value the previous player said isn’t equal to how many they said, then they lose. For example, if player A has a six and says “three sixes”, and then player B says bullshit, both players have to show their dice. If player B has two sixes, that makes three total sixes, so it’s not bullshit and player B has to drink. If the combined number of sixes between the players is two or less, then A has to drink. Ones are wild.

A really heavily tattooed girl taught me how to play 吹牛, and then I promptly wasted her at it. Yay! After than, her buddy (who can curse well in six languages) came over and taught me another game that’s like rock-paper-scissors, except that you have to signal a number while saying what you think the total number between you and your opponents hands will be in Taiwanese. He beat me nine for nine games, and I got wasted. I suck at drinking games that require speaking Taiwanese.