I don’t normally post any Cantonese videos, but in the end I just couldn’t resist this one. Bus Uncle (巴士阿叔 or 公車阿叔) has become something of a craze.

Here’s the story: a young man on a bus in Hong Kong tapped the guy in front of him and asked him not to speak so loudly on his cellphone. Then, the man on the cellphone, A.K.A. “Bus Uncle”, became enraged and spent nearly seven minutes scolding, cursing, and forcing an apology out of the younger passenger who asked him to tone it down. Unbeknownst to either of them, another passenger filmed the whole thing on his cellphone and then put it up on the web.

It became an instant hit in Hong Kong, and now countless versions of the video are floating around online, and there’s even an English wikipedia article on it. Furthermore, resourceful HK reporters managed to track Bus Uncle down, publish his height, weight and other personal information, and even get a snapshot of his messy appartement. Oh, yeah. Here’s the Bus Uncle remix.