My Pinyin Tone Tool, being a fast and convenient tool that is neither slow (requiring server queries) like the fool’s workshop’s tool, nor buggy and incomplete like the fozza tool, has attracted some interest over on Chinese-Forums.

Some people requested a Cantonese tone tool. Since I just wrote one for Mandarin a few months ago, I figured it would be pretty easy to make one for Cantonese and help everyone out. Unfortunately, I no NOTHING about Cantonese except that it’s the language of choice for movies about gambling, gangsters and mad, mad kung-fu action. If you speak Cantonese and are interested in this tool, please check my new Cantonese Tone Tool. I’m not sure about a few things, though.

1) Is this the correct display for ma1 ma2 ma3 ma4 ma5 ma6 and ma7?
mà mā má ma máh màh mah

2)Can “ng” be an independent syllable with a tone mark?

3)What are the rules for adding the “h” for fifth, sixth, and seventh tones if the syllable is a dipthong?