This just in from slashdot:

The Chinese government has announced plans to launch an alternate Internet root system with new Chinese character domains for dot-com and dot-net.

The three top level domains to be announced are .中国 (.china), .公司 (.com), and .网路 (.net). In my opinion, this is a wonderful thing. Despite what some people say about the joys of internationalization, I don’t see making people use a foreign language to use the Internet as a good thing. How would Americans like it if they had to type URLs in Chinese and append .美国 (.us) to the end of them?

That ICANN seems to have no problem whatsoever with giving the US more domains than everybody else, doesn’t help things much. Neither does the fact that the US controls most of the IP addresses available under IPV4, and that ICANN is moving at a pace that won’t see IPV6 working until the year 2256, give or take a century.