Even after living in Taiwan for three years, I still find myself amused at Chinese street names. Ham-fistedly translating them word for word into English yields amusing results. Here are some of my favorite Chinese street names:

麗水街lìshuĭjiēBeauty Water Street
和平路hépínglùPeaceful Road
仁愛路rén’àilùHumanity Road
博愛路bóàilùBrotherly Love Road
中山路zhōngshānlùMiddle Mountain Road
建國路jiànguólùEstablish Nation Road
市民大道shìmíndàdàoCity People Boulevard
永康街yŏngkāngjiēEver-Healthy Street

That’s right. In hundreds of years, 永康街 has never gotten a cold… not even once. There’s never a war on 和平路, and you’d better stay the heck off of 市民大道, because it’s just for city people. Amusing street names abound.