My search for a laundromat hasn’t been easy since moving to Zhōngxiào Dūnhuà. This area is way too upscale for its own good. There are about 8 laundromats within a reasonable walk from where I live, but seven are dry-cleaners. That means they want $40 per item of clothing, and that it would cost me about $1300 per week to do my laundry. That’s as much as some people living in cheaper areas pay for rent! Obviously, there’s no way I’m going to pay that kind of money just to wash my clothes. The remaining laundromat is one that charges by the kilogram, $200 per kilogram. As I figure it, I have about 4 kilograms of clothes to do each week. While 800 bucks beats 1300, and they’ll fold the clothes for me, I still can’t afford that kind of craziness.

After having spent over two hours walking the neighborhoods near my house, I came to the frustrating conclusion that taking a friggin’ taxi to the nearest coin-op laundromat, washing my clothes there, and taking a taxi back would be cheaper than using any of the places within walking distance. Most coin-op laundromats charge $60-80 for the washer and about $80 for the dryer. Add a couple of $70 cab rides to that, and I’d only be at $300 bucks (about 10 USD) for the lot of it.

Then I got to thinking… There’s a laundromat right by the MRT at Yŏngchūn zhàn. I only live a three minute walk from Zhōngxiào Dūnhuà zhàn. Since it’s only three stops away, I could just take the subway to the laundromat, wash my clothes and come back. At only $20 each way on the subway, I do all my laundry for $200 (about 6 USD) a week. Not bad at all, especially considering the total commute is only 15 minutes or so.

As I was explaining to my friend how I did my laundry, the first the he said was, “You take the subway to wash your clothes? How post-modern.” I guess it is.