As my long-time readers know, I started my blog on Blogger at I later moved it to mostly because John emailed me and told me I was blocked in China. WordPress kind of annoyed me at the outset, but I’ve since gotten pretty accustomed to running a blog on my own domain and like it.

There’s one problem, though. I still get a fair amount of search engine traffic from a page I wrote about the Back Dorm Boys at That page is still just like I left it months ago. Unfortunately, some splogger has taken over my domain. I tried to set my blogger preferences to publish at my old address, just for the purpose of wiping out the splog, but it won’t let me. I had assumed that with my whole site still there, it was safe from being over-written. I guess I was wrong and that people are free to over-write my old entries with spam one URL at a time, and even cash in on the reasonably high page rank my blog had built up. I’ve emailed Google about it since they own Blogger, but they haven’t responded.

The moral: if you ever decide to host a Blogger blog on your own server, make sure you always set your site address back to your old blogspot URL after publishing in your own domain.