On Sunday, I met up with my old teacher from CU, Prince Roy. We met up with Wayne, the author of the excellent but discontinued blog called A Better Tomorrow, and Poagao, the American guy who gave up his citizenship, became Taiwanese, did his time in the ROC army and wrote a book about it. Amazingly, Poagao and Prince Roy were classmates, and they both knew Wayne, too. What a small world. Poagao wrote a much better account of our day on his blog, but here’s what we did:

After getting to Jilong, we visited a temple with a giant Guanyin statue and a bell tower.
Buddhist Bell Tower
I managed to land a $10 coin on one of the spinning hands at the wishing well (after missing with all my $1’s and $5’s). It will bring me health 🙂
Wishing Well
Then we went to an old fort, where I slipped down some really mossy steps. I wish I had a photo of that place to put up here.

Finally, we hit the Miaokou Night Market. Mmmmmm.
Miaokou Night Market
All photos by Poagao.