China’s president, 胡锦涛, will be making his first trip to the U.S. next week. He isn’t going to the White House, though. He’s going to Bill Gates’s mansion. There, he’ll be served gourmet cuisine:

The guests will be served a three-course dinner, starting with a smoked guinea fowl salad, a choice of either beef filet with Walla Walla onions or Alaskan halibut and spot prawns before a dessert of rhubarb brown butter almond cake, the event organizers said.

He’ll be bringing a nice little dinner gift for the host, though:

Like any good dinner guest, President Hu will not come empty handed. The Chinese government issued a decree two weeks ago that all PCs will need to have a licensed operating system software installed before leaving the factory gates in an effort to crack down on piracy.

Also at the dinner will be a hundred other people, a veritable who’s who list of the rich and powerful in the west coast, including Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz, among others. Bill Gates will even have Homeland Security working the door at his party. Something tells me that Hu’s going to get the better end of any interactions at this event. It’s very interesting to me that a president of such a powerful country would see business leaders in his first visit to the US, rather than the US president or at least members of his administration. Is it an intentional slight or is it just common sense?