Last night, I continued on my mad geeking spree. Robb, Lisa, Aubrey and Warren came over and we played Magic the Gathering. Geez, it’s been a long time since I played that game. It was pretty fun, though. Warren had never played before, so to save time we each made decks out of 10 random cards of each color, 7 lands of each type, and 5 artifacts. For the first game, we played with the whole deck. After that, we pruned our decks down (but kept the 40 card minimum rule). Somehow Warren completely wasted us, punk that he is.

I got my chance to gloat though, and it was a big one. You see, Warren’s Taiwanese. He moved to Colorado before middle school, and ended up living a couple blocks from me. We both went to the same high school and college. By the time I got to know him, a little in highschool and a lot better in college, his English was already great and he didn’t need ESL classes anymore. I do remember him reading Chinese books every now and then, though. Anyway, I still had some old Chinese study materials at my family’s house, from my last visit a couple of years ago. Warren noticed my flash cards and picked up a few stacks and started going through them, much like I did when I noticed them after getting here last week. Here’s the thing, though: he couldn’t read about 20% of them, and I knew them all. He couldn’t read my 國語日報, either. I could read about half the articles.

Yeah, baby! I knew my writing would be better, but I never imagined my reading would be, too. Ok, I have to admit I’m far from literate, his listening is still better, and his English and Taiwanese are perfect, but still! So what if he hasn’t lived in Taiwan or used Chinese in school since he was a little kid? I beat a Taiwanese person at something Chinese related and I’m going to cling to my moment of glory forever! Yeah, I got wasted at our geeky card game, but I’d rather have the Chinese. It means my 3 years of livin’ in “the ‘wan”haven’t all been in vain.