The major downside of taking on my current entrepreneurial project is the money that I’m not making any more. This pain has been further compounded by the fact that the stock I’ve been wanting to buy has grown by over 30% in the last two months.

When I left First Step, I knew I’d be earning less money as a result. I’ve been trying not to think about how much less, but I couldn’t help myself. Based on the class-load my replacement is teaching, plus the first and second grader program I started there, I’d be making 133,000NT a month, plus bonuses. That’s more than four times what I’m earning now. Ouch. Worst yet, Baidu, the very first stock which I wrote about on this blog released excellent numbers in its most recent quarterly earnings report on the last day of October. I badly wanted to buy some, and it’s gone up by from $87.28 to $114.80 a share since then. I could have bought some on my old salary. On top of that, I’m practically salivating over another Chinese company, Suntech Power, and some of the companies I’ve already put money into are excellent candidates for further investment. In order to make this new school pay off, not only does it have to grow, but it has to outperform wherever I would have invested my money if I were still a normal salaried employee.

Oh, well. At least I’m frugal enough not to have sold anything over these last few lean months.