The last few days have been torturous. I have a crushing work load that I have to get done soon, and it’s been incessantly noisy at home. It’s pushed me to the breaking point.


There’s a building going up next to mine. From my bed to the nearest part of it, is only about 10 meters. Every morning, seven days a week, I hear clanging noises and something that sounds like a jack-hammer start up at 7AM. Even with my windows closed, a loud fan on, and a blanket wrapped around my head, I can still hear it. Sleeping in is extremely difficult.

My Flatmates

Considering the fit my landlady threw about Martin coming over here and talking with me in my room once, it’s amazing how noisy everyone is. There’s a married couple accross the hall from me, and they fight regularly. While I was trying to record a CD on Sunday, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it, and saw the husband in the hallway. He was actually knocking on his own door, which is directly opposite mine. He apologized, and so I immediately smiled, said no problem, and went back in my room. The knocking continued for 10 more minutes. “What an idiot,” I thought, “what good does knocking do after about the first 15 seconds or so?” He just kept at it. Then, I heard the door fly open. The wife tore into him as I’ve rarely heard before and then slammed the door again. There was silence for about a minute. After that, the knocking resumed, puctuated by an occasional, “C’mon, let’s go eat dinner” from the husband. Twenty minutes later, the door flew open and more yelling ensued. Needless to say, I didn’t get much done on the CD.

My other roommates haven’t been too noisy, fortunately. There’s one girl who goes clubbing a lot and brings back guys for amorous encounters loud enough to be heard from inside my room behind a shut door, and there’s also an aggressive throat-clearer whose bathroom is adjacent to mine. They really can’t be blamed, though. The walls here are paper thin.

A Great Opportunity

I recently bumped into TC’s friend Dean, the actor who I was restraining in that movie in which I played a guard. He was a at a 7-11 right by where I work, and it turns out he lives right on the same street. Better yet, he’s going back to Canada and wants someone to take over his lease. I checked the place out yesterday, and it’s great. The location and price are about equal to what I have now, and it’s a big place that I’ll have to myself. I’m moving in sometime in the next couple weeks.