According to the Taipei Times, via Fred Shannon, foreigners in Taiwan will no longer be permitted to teach more than 32 hours per week. For teachers who work at more than one school, the total teaching hours in a week must stay below this limit. The minimum number of hours a foreign teacher may teach will remain at 14 hours per week.

The Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) has anounced that beginning in April, 2006, new regulations will come into effect limiting the number of hours foreign EFL teachers can teach.

Foreign EFL teachers will soon be limited to teaching no more than 32 hours a week. Also, if foreign teachers are teaching at a second school, they must at least teach 6 hours at the second buxiban. However, the total number of hours taught between the 2 schools must not exceed 32 hours a week.

I can agree with the CLA that schools have an incentive to get teachers to work as many hours as possible, and that it’s a bad thing. For teachers who exceed 32 hours a week, the quality of instruction would definitely suffer. The question is, why does this rule apply only to foreigners?