A mere week after I made a Chinese number converter in response to not being able to find any good ones online, Erik of mandarintools.com has updated one of the oldest ones on the net! Erik’s tool, which didn’t handle simple conversions such as 五萬八 two weeks ago, now handles all of the conversions commenters suggested for my Chinese number converter, and it does X分之Y fractions (which mine doesn’t). He’s also made it use AJAX, so it doesn’t require a full page re-load every time information is submitted. If I’d had any idea that he’d be working on his number converter, I wouldn’t have bothered making one myself! Erik is a programmer is a computer programmer and linguist working towards a Ph.D. at the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Best of all, he’s not stingy. He shares the source code of his conversion tools, even though they’re done in Perl on the server. People interested in AJAX might want to have a look.

I encourage everybody to take a look at his number tool and see if you can find input it doesn’t support. If you do, comment here, and he’ll probably improve it to handle it.