It’s been two more wonderful days of hanging out with old high school friends and serious geeking out. On Friday, I went over to Dan’s place with Chris (another high school buddy), Aubrey, Matt and Robb. Since Dan and Chris have never been too keen on being photographed, I decided not to put their picture up on my blog. They taught me how to play a card game called “Munchkin“, by Steve Jackson Games. In role-playing lingo, a “munchkin” is a selfish, greedy bastard who doesn’t care about helping the group but just wants to get as much loot and experience as possible. In the card game, “Munchkin”, each player takes on the role of just such a greedy, selfish bastard.

Everyone takes turns drawing from a stack of “door” cards. That represents kicking down a door in a dungeon. Sometimes there will be a monster. You can fight them on your own or get someone to “help”, for which they will almost certainly insist on a share of the treasure. The first one to get his or her character up to level ten wins. This means that people in your “group” helps only when they can gain from it, and everyone will screw you over to keep you from getting to level 10. On top of this, the rules are intentionally vague and exploitable, leading players to bicker over convoluted interpretations of them. I got wasted because Matt, figured out a way to abuse the rules in such a way that allowed him to pick up the entire treasure deck and basically become invincible. All in all, its like role-playing in middle school, but a whole heck of a lot funnier.