I’m sorry about my photos, everybody. I honestly don’t know how I manage to time shit this badly. A mere three #$@!ing days after telling all of you about the Baidu MP3 search, they started blocking US songs. Now, after moving my photos over to Zooomr, and blogging joyfully about it, their server’s been slammed and my page isn’t serving pics. This time it only took two days for the service’s servers to get slammed after my enthusiastic recommendation. I’m getting better.

Fortunately, unlike Baidu, this won’t be a permanent problem. According to Kris, Zooomr has just received some serious funding, and the service should get sufficent hardware pretty quickly. I can’t say for sure how long it will be for John and the rest of you in China, though. In the mean time, I’m thinking of maybe writing an AJAX solution to swap out the pictures and stream them from Flickr at the click of a button. That would be kinda cool… if I weren’t so lazy.

Well, rest assured John. I’m not gonna be adding any more photos that are just streamed from Zooomr until people can see the ones already up here. Your refund is on the way, Maoman. 🙂

Update: I guess even I’m not that lazy. It only took about 20 minutes to set up some AJAX photo swapping from backups on my server and backup all the Zooomr pics on the blog. I haven’t gotten them all uploaded to Flickr, though. I’m thinking of maybe making some global “help, swap them all coz I live behind the great firewall” button, but that would actually be a bit of work.

Can you see the photos now, Maoman?