After not seeing any more feature requests or error reports on my tool for converting Chinese numbers, I’ve decided it’s stable enough to present to the Chinese-forums readers. At this point, I can honestly say it offers significantly more functionality than any other online tool for converting Chinese numbers into digits and it does it all without making users wait for page loads. The reason the conversions are good is simple. A gajillion (and no I can’t translate that number into Chinese) bloggers sent me extensive and detailed feedback. Thank you, Gin, John, Kanwa-kyudai, and Weilen. There’s no way I could have anticipated the wide variety of potential user input without you guys.

My goal in writing the converter was to help out beginning Chinese students. In truth, I learned a bit about Chinese numerology myself, thanks to everyone’s comments. Please keep in mind that I don’t know JavaScript. I’ll fully admit this implementation is a kluge. And no, Kanwa-san, I haven’t forgotten about making an Arabic Numeral to Chinese tool. It’s coming soon.