Something about the regular practice of writing articles for my blog has been very enjoyable to me since I started a few months ago. It helps me organize my thoughts. It helps keep my English writing skills from degrading as quickly as they otherwise would, spending years living in Asia. Of course it’s nothing like churning out essays or poetry in college was, but it is still something.

To be honest, I can’t get enough of it! So, I’ve joined up with John P. and Matt to write a tech blog! It’s not fully fleshed out yet, and Matt’s been too busy writing the latest IEEE 1619.1 draft and honing his NCAA basketball gambling similation to post yet. If you’re curious, though, you can check it out at This project doesn’t mean that I’ll stop writing geeky stuff here, but my postings to the “geekery” category may slow down a bit.

I’ve also been working on another blog to help a couple of advanced students keep in contact with me while doing extensive reading on their own. It’s very bare bones, but I’m adding assignments to it at a pretty good clip. That blog is called

Being a personal site, is very fragmented. Many readers who are really interested in foreign languages could care less about what I have to say about programming, and visa versa. Once again, I’ll suggest that readers who are only interested in one specific topic I blog on, such as investing, use feeds to view only what they want to, as I’ve described earlier.