Today was a day that only comes once every few years. I was so absent minded that I managed to make Martin seem like some sort of organization and efficiency guru. Considering the lady who runs the local zăo cān diàn by the MRT said, “啊, 馬丁! 那個很糊塗的那個老外.認識!” when I asked if she’d met him, it’s saying a lot.

Martin’s been low on fridge space and I had an extra one here, so he and Rika came up to my place to pick it up. Being the clever guy that I was, I neglected to check my long unused fridge. Instead, I cleaned up my apartment so as not to offend Rika’s Japanese sensibilities too badly. When they showed up, their cab driver was waiting downstairs and they were in a bit of a hurry. In an impressive and manly display of strength, I reached across the TV sitting in front of it, and lifted the fridge up and over it… dumping nasty water that had been shut inside for months all over myself. With little choice, I grabbed a towel to mop up the floor as quickly as possible, handed the fridge off to Martin, washed off my feet and lower legs, changed clothes really quickly, put on my sandals and backpack, grabbed my shoes and socks and ran out the door. I figured I could just let my feet dry in the cab on the way into Táibĕi.

After getting into the city, we had to carry the fridge across the street and up seven floors of stairs. Rika pointed out that I’d forgotten my shoes in the cab. Doh! Well, it was about time to buy some new shoes anyway, so we headed up to Shilin night-market. It’s so huge that it’s also open during the day, and it’s got the only store I know of that sells a decent selection of shoes in my size. I got a pretty good pair for only $1500台幣, not too bad. Next on our agenda was Costco. There, nothing too disastrous happened and we got some great food! It’s been a year since I went and I love that place! I got all kinds of stuff you can’t buy in the town where I live, like rugged whole-wheat bread, a block of pepper-jack cheese, etc…

We got back to Martin’s place, unpacked all the stuff and then I had to take off, since had plans to meet up with Daniel at the train station at 8:00. Martin kindly lent me an umbrella, and I was off! It was pretty tight, but I managed to get there by 8:01. Daniel wasn’t there yet, so I just hung out in front of the California Fitness center and waited… until I remembered that our plans were for 9:00, not 8:15. Sigh… it’s just been one of those days. There was a neat mall behind the gym, so I figured I ought to seize the chance to check it out.

Since there aren’t any malls in the town where I live, it was pretty nice to browse around. Daniel showed up around 8:45, so the wait wasn’t too bad. We decided on seafood and drinks and so we headed into the MRT and were off! But, I forgot the umbrella Martin lent me. Geez I’m glad it was a Sunday.