Hello, all. I’ve made some improvements in the way tags are implemented on this site. Hopefully this post will help those of you who love reading what I write about language learning but can’t stand reading what I write about investing, or visa versa. At the bottom of each post, there is a tag. Click on that tag, and you’ll get a list of all the posts with that particular tag. As of today, each post in such a list will have an expandable summary and list associated tags at the bottom of each summary.

Advanced Searches

Beyond being able to search the posts under a single tag, you can also do AND searches with the logical operator “+”, and OR searches with the logical operator “|”. For example, http://toshuo.com/index.php?tag=geekery, will show you you all of my posts about geekery. If you wanted to see any post tagged both “Matt” AND “evil”, then you’d go to http://toshuo.com/index.php?tag=Matt+evil. Similarly, if you wanted to see any posts about “science” OR “culture”, then you’d go to http://toshuo.com/index.php?tag=science,culture.


Now how about readers who want to see all of my posts, the WHOLE posts, on a given topic instead of just expandable previews? What about those who are just do lazy to click each post from a list, one by one? Do they get any love? You bet! If you use a feed reader, such as the Sage plug-in for Firefox, you can see all of my posts for a topic as if they were their own separate blog. If for example, you want to see the full posts of all of my Chinese textbook reviews, one after another type
http://toshuo.com/wp-rss2.php?tag=Chinese_Textbooks into your feed reader and you’ve got it! Feeds are available for both categories and tags, and you can use “+” and “,” operators for advanced searches, too.

feed of Chinese textbook reviews

Search Bookmark for my Site

For those of you using modern, powerful browsers such as Opera, Firefox, Seamonkey, or any other Mozilla-based offering, you can set up a search bookmark. I don’t think anybody, including myself, reads this blog enough to warrant it. That’s beside the point though. The whole point is you CAN make a Toshuo.com tag search bookmark! Make a bookmark (of anything), and then edit the properties of the bookmark. Change the “location” to http://toshuo.com/index.php?tag=%s, and yes I know that’s an invalid page. Then, edit the bookmark’s “keyword” (which starts out blank) to “ts”. Save the bookmark, and you’re good to go. Then, anytime you type “ts geekery” into your location bar, you’ll go to http://toshuo.com/index.php?tag=geekery; anytime you type “ts videos+books”, you’ll go to http://toshuo.com/index.php?tag=videos,books. Someday, I’ll might write a search box for my site to replace the Google one that will include this tag functionality, but for now you (hypothetical) guys (who I’ll pretend care about any of this geekery) will have to make do with the features I’ve added thus far.