Here’s the mid-2006 update for my portfolio. All the quotes are from the close of June 1, 2006. As usual, I’m not posting my IRA investments.

Stocks I’ve bought since 2005:

SymbolSharesCurrent PriceCurrent ValuePurchase DateCost$ Gain% Gain
BWLD4040.091,603.6002/28/20051,500.00 103.60 6.91
BWLD 40 40.09 1,603.6005/05/2005 1,160.00 443.60 38.24
COLM 40 47.92 1,916.8006/30/2005 1,950.80 -34.00 -1.74
CTRP 100 49.43 4,943.0005/02/2006 4,558.00 385.00 8.45
FHR 50 45* 2,250.0008/02/2005 1,611.50 685.5 39.62
FLML 80 19.83 1,586.4008/05/2005 1,500.00 86.40 5.76
MIDD40 92.693,707.6002/28/20052,189.20 1,518.40 69.36
MIDD20 92.69 1,853.8003/17/20051,061.79 792.01 74.59
NTES 80[2] 20.63 1,650.4008/08/2005 1,504.00 146.4 9.73
SCSS 60 33.43 2005.8010/06/2005 1,103.40 902.4 81.78
SNDA 120 14.25 1,710.0012/19/2005 2,040.00 -330.00 -16.18
SNDA 130 14.25 1,852.5002/21/2006 2,025.50 -173.00 -8.54
SNDA 150 14.25 2,137.5003/01/2006 2,045.00 92.50 5.76
UFCS 50 31.38 1,569.0003/28/2005 1,713.00 -144 -8.41

My Anualized Gain: +33.8%
SP 500: +3.8%
Wilshire 5000: +5.4%
Russel 2000: +8.1%


I haven’t sold anything except for Fairmont Hotels (FHR), and that was due to a buyout. I haven’t really seen a compelling reason to sell anything else, and I don’t plan to until I need the money for school.

Other holdings

I’ve still got my Amgen stock from way back when, a little bit of my in an index fund and my IRA investments. Also, I don’t have as much money in my brokerage account as the total listed above.[3] I realize that makes it impossible for people to calculate my meager net wealth, but hey. A guy can’t be expected to put all of his financial details up on his blog, right?

Chinese Companies

As you can see from my transactions this year, I’m pretty crazy about 盛大, A.K.A. “Shanda”. Truth be told, I want to buy more. Since so much of my portfolio is already invested in the company, I may hold off, though. I picked up a good sized stake in 携程旅行网 (Ctrip), and I like the company. The online travel business in China is a fast growing business in a fast growing country. I have some reservations about share dilution, but it seems to be reasonable, so far.

Looking Forward

What I’ve been thinking about recently is the possible benefits of investing in myself, rather than in the market. I think that with some further education, I may be able to increase my earning potential more than enough to offset the cost of not having it in the market. It will take some careful consideration, though.

As for companies I’m looking at buying, I think I may start adding some middle sized companies to go along with all my small-caps. Small companies have done really well, but I think they’re beginning to get over-valued as a whole. I still have my eyes on Harris & Harris, 百度 (Baidu), and 尚德电力 (Suntech Power), as well as a couple of other Chinese companies.

[1] When Fairmont Hotels was bought out, my Ameritrade account was automatically credited with $45 per share I had.
[2] 網易 (NTES) shares split 4 for 1. That’s why I now have 80 shares instead of 20.
[3] I carry a margin balance. That means that I’ve borrowed money to make some of my investments. The liquidation value of my account isn’t actually $30k.

Legal Disclaimer: All of the information in this article is accurate to the best of my knowledge. However, I make no guarantee about the accuracy of anything written above. I’m not responsible for any mis-typings, or any other errors in the information. If you purchase any stock solely because I did, you do so at your own risk.

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