Just as happened earlier this year, I’ve been chain-blogged again! Chain blog posts are like chain emails, except more social and not so annoying. This time, Range tagged me. The topic of this one is “Five things that you didn’t know about me”. Here goes:

  1. I used to be blind as a bat.
  2. I started needing glasses in second or third grade and my myopia progressed rapidly from there on. By the time I was 20, my good eye was worse than 20/400. The spherical correction part of my lens prescriptions was -5.25 in my “good” eye, and -7.5 in my bad eye. Fortunately, glasses corrected my vision pretty well. Five years ago, I got LASIK surgery. While my vision isn’t perfect, and I do have some star-burst effects at night, I’ve never needed glasses since.

  3. Somehow I still naturally kicked ass at coordination sports.
  4. At the age of fifteen, I was a 210+ average bowler, and in some leagues, I averaged over 220. I saved up the money I spent to buy my first computer by playing “pot games” against guys at the local bowling alleys. Unlike endurance sports in which I only excelled after a ton of work, I picked up coordination sports very quickly. After only three months of once a week classes, I one the first fencing tournament I entered, and was invited to train for Junior Olympic
    competitions. For that matter, so were my friends Aubrey and Jason (who was also blind as a bat). Maybe we just had an exceptional teacher for those three months.

  5. I’m a high school drop-out.
  6. Each semester, I kept my grades high enough to maintain eligibility for sports teams, but that was about it. With the exception of a few great teachers’ classes, I had very little interest in or patience for high school.

  7. I’m afraid to sleep.
  8. I’m not quite how to explain this one, but ever since a young age, I’ve hated falling asleep. There’s something about the loss of control, and the gap in consciousness that I just can’t stand. This is one reason I became so interested in lucid dreaming.

  9. I lived with my great-grandparents up until I moved out of the house to go to college.
  10. Not only did I grow up with my grandparents, but my grandmother’s parents lived with us, too. When I was young, I didn’t like it much, and I felt like they were overly patronizing to me. As I became a teenager, though, I grew to appreciate their presence more and more. Something about having a couple of people who were born in 1905, and who were interested in talking to me about every aspect of life around was great. I’ll never forget some of the conversations I had with them, and growing up with them really influenced me.

Now I’m passing the chain-blogging to

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