Have you ever wanted to know how to order food at Subway in Chinese? If so, then read on!

The first thing the clerk will ask is what kind of sub you want. Here are the hot subs:

Hot Subs

Chicken TeriyakiSteak & Cheese
義大利牛肉丸BBQ 雞肉
MeatballBBQ Chicken

Each picture includes prices for 6-inch and 12-inch subs. The Chinese word for inch is 英吋. On the picture for the steak and cheese sub, there’s a sticker that says 暫停供應.
Next are the classic subs:


Italian B.M.T.Tuna
Seafood SensationTurkey, Ham & Bacon Melt

There are still a few more subs:

More Subs

Veggie DeliteTurkey Breast
Turkey, Ham & Roast BeefRoast Beef

After you say which kind of sub you want, the next question will be “六吋還是十二吋?“.

Next is “你要加熱嗎?“. For some reason, the people at Subways in Taiwan tend to ask this regardless of whether your sub is one that’s normally heated or not.

Then, they ask something like this: “都要加嗎?“. This includes everything. If you answer yes, not only will you get all the veggies, but you’ll also get mayo, mustard, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. If you really do want it all, then just grunt “n”. Otherwise you’ll have to say what you don’t want.

美乃滋 is a loan word. You can just say “mayonnaise” in the middle of a Chinese sentence with no problem. Mustard is 芥末. Oil is , and vinegar is . I usually say “美乃滋不要,芥末也不要” or “醬都不要“.

Next come veggies. Just tell them which of the following you don’t want- 生菜, 番茄, 橄欖, 青椒, 辣椒, and 洋蔥.

After finishing your sandwich, the clerk will ask if you want a drink (飲料), or a combo meal (套餐). Then the final question is “這邊吃還是帶走?

And there you have it. Even at a western chain that translates its entire menu into English, you can still learn a bit of Chinese. For best results, wear your “Speak Mandarin” shirt.