A few days ago, while in the midst of a CD editing project, I spilled water on my keyboard and wrecked it. Fortunately, I live really close to 光華商場. I hopped on the subway, rode over, and went into the underground section of the market. After picking a shop, I asked one of the employees for the “cheapest keyboard”. Call me stingy, but I’m accustomed to buying the cheapest components I can, with a few exceptions. While a nice Logitech 4x optical mouse is nice, I actually prefer simple keyboards to some of the more expensive ones, which often turn out to be ergonomic monstrosities.

The clerk handed me a keyboard and mouse bundled set with a sticker saying it cost 400 bucks.

<in Chinese>
Me: Is this the cheapest keyboard here?
Clerk: Yep. 400 bucks.
Me: What about that one over there? That’s the same kind I bought last time.
Clerk: That one doesn’t come with a mouse or anything, and it’s PS2, not USB.
Me: So, how much is it?
Clerk: $150.
Me: I’ll take it.

After that, there wasn’t any pretense of apology or discomfort. I bought what I wanted and left.