The whole concept of “race” in general annoys me. It’s horribly vague and imprecise. People base all kinds of ridiculous decisions based on it. Only when there are clear scientific distinctions, is it more tolerable to use race to separate people. The concept may be useful for doctors when dealing with certain specific race related ailments, but on the whole it’s not one that deserves all the attention than it gets. Especially in the orient, this concept is maddening. I must read something in the news or hear something on the radio about the “Chinese race” nearly every day.

The whole idea is a sham. “Chinese” is a nationality. “Chinese” is an (extremely broad) umbrella under which various cultural ideas are grouped. But “Chinese”, is most definitely not a race. Northern Han Chinese people share more genetic similarities with Japanese, Koreans and Mongols than they do with the southern Han. Similarly, southern Han Chinese people share more genetic similarities with Vietnamese than they do with the northern Han. Readers interested in this topic should see this technical, but very thorough explanation of the concentrations of various haplogroups in east Asian people.

Corollary 1: “Japanese” is not a race.
Corollary 2: “Korean” is not a race.