Recently, one of Michael Turton’s (see my links on the right) friends from Taizhong emailed me and asked me for input on curriculum design for a private middle school’s English program. I answered his questions as best I could, and tried to tell him a bit about different activities I’ve found useful. It was a little difficult to describe them over the phone and so he asked if I could show him some of our curriculum materials. I was all for it, but I had to ask my boss first. His reaction?

Him: Oh, sure. Yeah, I care about beating the other schools, but I care more about improving the level of education for as many Taiwanese kids as possible. That’s why I’m helping X high school, that swiped our curriculum just across town.

Me: What!!? What do you mean? Somebody copied it?
Him: Yeah, the’ve got the whole thing photocopied. They aren’t teaching it properly, though.
Me: So… uh… you’re going to help them “copy us properly”?
Him: Yeah, man. We’re talking about the education of thousands of kids!

I just don’t know how to take that. It’s such a shock after my last school, which cancelled my contract over an “all your brain is belong to us” IP clause I refused to sign. I love his ideals, but will the market reward him?