My first Truth in Advertising post generated the opposite reaction I expected. The “meat” spaghetti sauce which didn’t list meat on the ingredients not only didn’t inspire a single “WTF, that’s wack!” comment, but people actually leapt to its defence. Oh, it just says “肉味” in Chinese, said one poster. Oh, secretly listing an extra ingredient in the Chinese version was nothing more than “being lazy on the English” said another apologist.

Well, now I’m back. And this time I’m enjoying a “Nutrition Carrier”.
Nutrition Carrier
Now, check out the ingredients.
nutrition label
chicken egg, wheat flour, white sugar, vegetable oil, butter poweder, cream (including preservatives, water, and vinegar acid), sugar paste (including preservatives and some shit I can’t translate), leavening?, salt, flavorings, food colorings (yellow#4, #5), preservatives (blah blah blah).

Yeah, baby. It’s a “nutrition carrier”. Anybody wanna stick up for this one? Battle Panda? Mr. John “I live in the 8th nicest (and therefore extra lucky) city in China, and the rest of you can ‘take that’” Pasden? Anyone?