Normally, I wouldn’t pick up a 今周刊.The magazine cover They’re a bit too hard for me and I don’t consider it worth my time to struggle with them yet. But this week, I saw a picture of a western guy on the cover with the caption “一位外國單身漢”. I just had to see the story.

Basically, there’s this 40 year old engineer from Mississipi called 丹尼爾 (no English name supplied, but I’ll give you 3 guesses). He bikes 120 kilometers up through the mountains to teach English to children living in a remote area. It’s a six hour ride there, but “only” a four hour ride back home since it’s down hill. Dānyíĕr does this trip every freaking week. What’s his salary, you ask? Nothing. He’s riding up a mountain every week to volunteer his time to kids who simply wouldn’t have an English teacher otherwise. Who said engineers aren’t cool?

The magazine cover