This week was “Walk to School Week. The 國語日報 had an article on it:

為了宣導小朋友走路上學的好處,臺北縣市,高雄市選定本週作為”走路上學週”,昨天一大早,台北市教育局長吳清基就站在文昌國小校門口,一一為小朋友的”走路上學週護照”貼上認證貼紙; 台北縣長周錫瑋也到江翠國小擔任一日導護志工.


This is great! The government has decided to declare “Walk to School Week” to draw attention to the benefits of walking to school. Top officials are even standing at the gates of schools to give the kids who walk stickers to put in their “Walk to School Passports”. So what’s the response? Numerous parents who normally drive their kids to school are dropping them off a ways away from school and letting them walk the rest of the way. While I doubt this program will have much success, I’m all for seeing exercise and environmentalism promoted.

I’ll add pinyin popups and translations soon.