One new thing I have to do for my first and second grader classes is to make some point cards. I give points to all of my students. I don’t give them any physical item, though. I just tell them when I give or take points, and I post their rankings on the wall, every class. They all know how many points they get or lose for any given homework assignment or test, and it’s kind of a waste of time to give them anything. Those are big kids. Little kids aren’t like that. Sure they look at the rankings each class and listen to my motivational speeches, but it’s not enough. If I REALLY want to motivate them, I have to give them some physical item that they can collect and hoard inside their pencil cases. Fortunately for me, other schools have long ago found the solution to this problem- point cards.

I spent about 4 hours today making .gif files of pictures to put on the cards. Fortunately, I was able to find most of the art I needed in the public domain. I tried to get a mix of really cartoony and less cartoony pictures. After that, it was just a matter of re-sampling the pictures to the right size (I used a lanczos 3 algorithm), editing them to be a bit cuter, and labelling them. I tried to make the “cooler” animals worth more, but I’m not completely sure what’s cool to Chinese kids. Local readers, I’d love your input on this. Here’s my preliminary layout of animals to use:

spider = 1 point mouse = 2 points pig = 5 points snake = 10 points rabbit = 50 points horse = 100 points elephant = 500 points whale = 1000 points lion = 5000 points dragon = 10000 points

The rabbit, the pig, and the elephant need to be resampled. That’s why they’re a little fuzzy. Also, do you think the lion looks too serious?

Update: Resampling complete. Lancoz 3 worked much better than spline did.