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Archive for March, 2007

After moving my sites to Dream Host, I made some upgrades the Taiwan Blog Feed.
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This week has been nuts. I’ve alternately gone from thinking so many students would quit that I wouldn’t be able to make rent to thinking that my student numbers just might double over the next few months.
continue reading… is in the process of changing hosts. Soon it will all be hosted on Dream Host, thus making it one of the cool kids again. I’ll have over 1.7 terabytes of bandwidth a month, too! Details will follow shortly!

Update: The migration is complete!, as well as all of my other sites and the sites I’m hosting for other people have been moved. Bandwith is now virtually unlimited, and there’s over 175GB of disk space allocated to me as well. It’s also a $2/month cheaper than Hostgator, and automatically comes with full shell and support for Ruby on Rails, among other things. Thanks to John, for prodding me to make the switch.

Nine students came to my new class today. It’s not a big class, but it’s a relief after having already resolved to push on and teach a class of four at a loss. The class went really well, too. I was able to teach halfway into the second lesson all during the first class. All in all things went better than I’d expected.
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