Thanks For the Banner Image!

I’ve been extremely lazy in working on the layout and presentation of this site, as regular readers can surely tell. The banner image that used to be at the top of this site was just the default image from the Wuhan theme, plus some text. It sucked.

In fact, it sucked so bad that one reader took it upon himself to design me a better one. He used the picture I took of the Starbucks inside the Forbidden City in Beijing last summer. Thanks, Wally!

ANHost Wasn't my Dreamhost

Those who have been checking my blog over the last few days have probably noticed a lot of down-time. I’m completely to blame.

This is a long, boring post. For those who don’t want to read it, here are the key points:

  • ANHost is fast.
  • Their tech support didn’t impress me.
  • My blog is a fairly complex and custom-made WP theme. Their system couldn’t handle it well.
  • Some less-customized blogs run extremely well on ANHost.
  • Dream Host is still the best choice for me.

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The Beer Factory

Last night, I went to The Beer Factory for the first time. It’s near the intersection of Bādé lù and Jiànguó nánlù. The place was huge, there was good food, and lots of cheap beer. The only downside is that it was all Taiwan Beer. I guess it’s kind of hard to fault them for that, since it’s their factory after all. But, still.
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