I recently stumbled across the web site for a new drink that looks poised to take over the legacy of Jolt Cola. The drink is called Celsius, and one of it’s major selling points is that it’s thermogenic.

Celsius is the Earth’s first proven “thermogenic” calorie-burning beverage with the great taste of a soft drink. Celsius works by raising your metabolism on average 12% for up to three hours, resulting in a sustained energy boost and additional calories burned.


Normally, I don’t have much patience for calorie burning claims like this. For Celsius, though, I’ll make an exception. Instead of sugars, it’s sweetened sucralose, an artificial sweetener with virtually no caloric value. More to the point, it’s packed with with EGCG, guarana, ginger extract, taurine, and two hundred milligrams of caffeine per bottle. Yeah, I’ll bet it’s thermogenic. With a drink like Celsius, an all night coding session would be a snap. Jolt-fueled geeks move aside!